About Us

Presently, Bangladesh is one of the three largest apparel (knit, oven and sweater) manufacturing countries of the world. In fact Bangladesh manufactures a biggest portion of the total world consumer’s apparel demand. Most of the leading brands of the world are being manufactured in Bangladesh as according to demand since long.

Our manufacturing concern Givensee Group also keeping good contribution in all kinds of apparel manufacturing since the beginning of apparel manufacturing history of Bangladesh and still keep on doing. . Established in 1982, it has more than 17000 workers producing over 70000 pieces of garments per ranging from knitwear items to heavy denim wear.

To achieve and maintain its major philosophy, the group has setup some of the largest vertical support units such as Spinning, Dyeing, Washing and Garments Accessories Production facilities. On top of producing its own raw materials, the group has a set of highly educated technicians, merchandisers and management personnel's, who are educated on their skills from country and abroad.

The group was one of the pioneers of Garment business in Bangladesh.

Presently our concern group planned to open marketing and subsidiary office in different countries to fulfill more consumers’ demand. Those offices will be operated by the excellent convenient professionals with no language barrier.

As a result of above we have already open an office in Italy named Winsome. We have taken initiative so that our Italian customer’s order can be fulfilled with more efficiently and credibility by Winsome.

Advantages of Buying from Bangladesh under GSP scheme